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  • We owned real estate in Los Feliz jointly with relatives. The property is divided, and both our families live in separate parts of the property. We wanted to sell the property, but they refused. We wanted our money out of the property, they wanted to stay because their share of the payments was very little. We hired a broker to go forward with trying to sell the property, but our relatives refused to cooperate. They became hostile and made our lives miserable. The broker was trying to sell the property for over eight months, and finally we received a good-faith offer. Our "partners" would not budge. Finally, we were referred to Michael Rubin for legal assistance. Within a week Mr. Rubin filed suit against our relatives to quiet title and for partition. Within 30 days, they agreed to sell the property to the buyer, and the property was sold. We were really impressed with the results, and how quickly he got them. We thought we would never be able to solve the problem. We would highly recommend Mr. Rubin to anyone who needs a good, knowledgeable attorney.
    Loz Feliz Homeowner

Case Highlights

Cardenas V. Tovar, Et. Al.
A favorable judgment in the case of Cardenas v. Tovar, et. al. (Los Angeles Superior Court Case no. EC056708) was won by our firm. The clients had a substantial claim for trespass against a neighbor, who wrongfully cut down several mature trees. The verdict, along with an award of statutory attorney's fees, exceeded $250,000.
Walker V. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
The case of Walker v. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (Los Angeles Superior Court Case no. BC385953) ended with a $1 million jury verdict in our favor. The plaintiff suffered brain injuries during an attack by fraternity members at the University of Southern California.
Partnership Dispute Case
Mr. Rubin prevailed in a hotly contested case involving a $5 million hospitality business. Four partners prevailed in a lawsuit where the others sought to exclude them from any interest in the business. Our clients won the case, and then we successfully represented our clients through receivership and the buyout of the others' interest in the business.