Tarzana Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises liability accidents can take on many forms

One of the more common forms of personal injury cases that our firm handles involves premises liability and a variety of accidents that may take place when an owner fails to maintain a property in a reasonable standard of condition.

Premises liability laws are in place to protect visitors from property owners who are negligent in maintaining their property.  These laws extend to private property, such as a residence or an apartment building, or they can arise in commercial properties, such as at a mall, office building, or any kind of public gathering place.

And while premises liability incidents are commonly referred to as “slip and fall” accidents, the truth of the matter is that we see dozens of different kinds of scenarios involving premises deficiencies.  These might include:

  • Poor lighting leading to tripping and falling injuries
  • Stairs or elevators maintained in substandard conditions that can also lead to serious falls
  • Swimming pools with inadequate safety fences and gates that lead to drownings
  • Appliances that are old and not maintained that can result in electrical shocks and fires
  • Dogs who are not properly restrained, causing bite injuries
  • Chemicals or toxic fumes that are not properly stored leading to possible poisoning or asphyxiation
  • Wet, icy or slippery pavement areas creating slip and fall conditions
  • Inadequate building security, leading to a break-in that may result in an assault or a murder

These are just a few of the possible scenarios and conditions we have seen that could put a guest at risk and make a property owner liable if an injury or death occurs on their property.

To prove a case of premises liability, as attorneys, we must prove that a property owner was negligent in maintaining their property.  The biggest hurdle we see in some cases is that a substandard condition may have existed, but the property owner may not have been aware of it.  Proving that the property owner knew about the condition, or had a reasonable expectation of knowing the condition existed is one of the keys required for us to obtain a settlement on our clients’ behalf.

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