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Meeting the standards for compensation in an injury case

We live in a complicated society, especially in Southern California, where we routinely interact with dozens, even hundreds of people every day.  Just by the law of averages, sooner or later, accidents will happen as a result of all this activity.

You could be driving home from work, and be rear-ended by an inattentive teenager who is busy texting on their phone.

You could be out for a nice Sunday afternoon bike ride, only to be attacked by a loose dog, or clipped by a “Sunday driver” who is a little bit too relaxed behind the wheel.

Maybe you are taking your evening walk and step on a piece of loose sidewalk, resulting in a broken bone or two, or maybe aggravating a back injury you’ve had for years. Or you could slip on a piece of wet pavement that resulted from somebody watering their grass late at night.

The point is, there are an impossible number of ways to be injured in an accident. In our many years of practicing law, we’ve seen and heard many of them. Each one is unique. Each one is painful. And many may entitle you to compensation for your pain, suffering and inconvenience.

Although there are many ways to be involved in an accident, proving that someone else was responsible for your injuries rests on one key factor. And that is proving the other party was negligent.

Negligence is the standard that is applied to all types of accident and injury cases. It is the primary duty of an accident and serious injury lawyer to meet the standards associated with negligence so that you can receive a settlement.

Those standards are:

  • Did the defendant have a duty to provide reasonable care for whatever the situation was?
  • Did the defendant breach that duty of care?
  • By breaching that care, did the defendant cause an injury to you?
  • Did those injuries result in damages that you should be compensated for?

If these four tests can be met, we can work towards a settlement on your behalf, allowing you to fully recover and move on with your life.

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