Pedestrian Accidents in Tarzana, CA

Pedestrian accident cases are no simple walk in the park

You may not think that being a pedestrian is particularly hazardous, but believe it or not, there are dozens and dozens of ways you may be placing yourself in danger every time you step out for a walk.  This holds especially true in Tarzana and throughout Southern California where the land is ruled by people in cars.

While the vast majority of pedestrians will never be involved in an accident, you never know what the next step may bring into your life.  Walkers may think cars pose the greatest danger to them, but the truth is, a pedestrian can be injured in any number of ways, including…

•    Poorly maintained sidewalks and stairways
•    Low levels of lighting in common areas
•    Slippery conditions on sidewalks and streets
•    Unsafe conditions in construction zones
•    Debris that fills public areas, creating a tripping hazard
•    Bike riders, joggers, skateboarders or even other walkers that are not paying attention to their surroundings

Even if you’re attentive and responsible, it doesn’t ensure that the other party is doing their part.  Most accidents we see happen to pedestrians occur through no fault of their own.  They can result from the actions of another person or an injury on a poorly maintained property.

In either case, we can help a pedestrian recover damages due to the other party’s negligence.  In cases where children are involved, others are held to an even higher standard of responsibility than normal because children are less visible and act more unpredictably.  Driver’s expose themselves to harsher civil and criminal penalties when they don’t act responsibly in areas where children congregate, such as schools, crosswalks, playgrounds and parks.

Some pedestrian accidents are governed by premises liability, which means that property owners may be held accountable if a pedestrian injures themselves while on the owner’s property.  By law, property owners are required to maintain a certain level of care and to warn others when there are hazards on site.  If we can prove that they have fallen short of this duty, then we can work on our clients’ behalf to recover funds for them.

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