Motorcycle riders face increased safety issues on the open roads of California

Dedicated Representation for the Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

If there’s one state in particular that personifies the thrill that comes from riding a motorcycle, it’s California.  With great weather, long stretches of open roads, and beautiful scenery around every turn, few other locales can match the experience and allure of riding a motorcycle in the Golden State.

However, that love of the open road comes with the increased risk or riding with minimal protection, sometimes perilous road conditions, and other drivers who are careless or negligent when it comes to looking out for motorcycle riders.

It goes without saying, that when a motorcycle accident takes place, there’s a reasonable chance that the injuries can be severe, and recovery times can be substantial.  This, despite the fact that there are many enhanced safety measures on the books in California, including a mandatory helmet law for both riders and their passengers.

Over years of practice, we have handled dozens of motorcycle accident cases, and while motorcycle accidents share many of the same characteristics as car accidents, there are also some significant differences.  Specifically, how motorcycle accidents and rider victims are seen in the eyes of the law.

In representing victims of any kind of vehicle accident, our first job is to prove that the other party acted with reckless or negligent behavior.  Meeting this standard is the key to winning a settlement for our clients.  What is different in an accident case involving a motorcycle is that because cycle riders have much less protection around them than car drivers, courts will often hold car drivers to a much higher standard of care in terms of accountability.  Courts also understand that motorcycle riders have taken extra safety training that has taught them to ride under a banner of defensive caution at all times.

While this puts us at a distinct advantage in many cases, we do not relax one iota when it comes to motorcycle cases, because much of the time we are dealing with more severe injuries than with car accidents.  This means we must be highly aggressive in making sure our clients’ medical needs are taken care of immediately.  Only then can we focus on attempting to recover settlements for lost wages, pain and suffering and other related issues.

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