Seriously Injured While Riding Public Transportation?

Protecting your rights after a bus or Metrolink accident

Due to the complexity, size, and speed of mass transit, as well as the high levels of congestion that is typically found throughout Los Angeles, Metrolink and LA Metro accidents are a fact of life throughout the region.

Because bus and train operators are responsible for the lives of dozens, and sometimes hundreds of people at any given time, they are required to maintain a high degree of safety standards at all times. This means a strict adherence to all traffic laws, avoiding high-risk speeds and maneuvers, and putting passenger safety as the top priority at all times.

However, despite this obligation to protect passengers, sometimes human error enters into the equation. An accident can take place as the result of operator negligence.

As experienced mass transit accident lawyers, we have seen numerous cases where operators have not exercised an appropriate level of caution, resulting in accidents involving pedestrians and cars. Due to the size of mass transit vehicles, many times, these accidents are quite serious, resulting in significant injuries or deaths.

Because a large number of defendants may be involved, determining liability can be a tricky proposition requiring due diligence on our part. Aside from the operator, it may be possible to file suit against bus company owners, Metrolink, LA Metro or other ownership entities. In some cases, passengers may also be liable if it can be shown that they distracted the coach operator, placing them at least partially at fault.

As lawyers who many times represent individual plaintiffs against large organizations, another challenge we face is going up against firms that have considerable legal resources. Because their mission is to protect their clients and pay out as little as possible in claims, part of what we do is coach clients through what can be a very long and extended process.

Ultimately, this will lead to a negotiation process to help clients recover costs associated with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related expenses, which happens a vast majority of the time. However, when negotiations are not fruitful, it’s our job to take a case to trial and win a judgment on behalf of our clients.

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