Construction & Industrial Accidents in Tarzana CA

Construction and industrial site accident cases are complex matters

Always ranked among the most dangerous jobs in America, workers at construction sites are in the type of industrial environments where they face numerous threats to their safety every day.  In most cases, stringent safety measures are in place.  But despite these efforts, accidents can and do happen all the time.

From our many years of experience as construction and industrial site attorneys, we have seen injuries and deaths from electrocutions, falls, being crushed by large pieces of equipment, crane failures and many other kinds of unfortunate mishaps.

Depending on the circumstances, workers who are the victims of these kinds of accidents may be able to seek monetary damages by filing a workers’ compensation claim or by filing a lawsuit against several possible responsible entities.

However, the big question we encounter when we represent plaintiffs in these kinds of actions is determining who is actually at fault.  In many cases, the answer is not a simple one.  On job sites and in industrial workplaces, many possible parties may be held accountable.  It’s up to us to determine if an unsafe work environment existed and who was responsible for being negligent in connection with that lack of safety.

This requires a great deal of forensic evidence gathering.  We may look at the owners of the property or business first to see what level of responsibility they have.  On a job site, the owners many times cede safety issues to a general contractor.  When that happens, responsibility is transferred to the general contractor, and it becomes their responsibility to make sure safety compliance is achieved.

We have also seen instances where sub-contractors may be held liable as well.  For example, electricians, plumbers, iron or steel workers have specialized job site knowledge and thus they may be held accountable for safety violations rising from their one particular part of the job.

In other instances when equipment failure is involved, actual manufacturers of that equipment may be held liable as well.  If a crane fails, or bulldozers or heavy trucks are the root cause of an accident, we will explore the possibility that the equipment was defective.

One other possibility we examine is if liability lies with the engineers and architects who designed the project.  A poorly designed project that is executed onsite may also bear some accountability when a worker is injured.

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