Burn Injuries Attorney in Tarzana

Burn injuries are unforgiving and painful

Almost one million people suffer some kind of burn injury each year.  Burns are especially painful and can leave a victim with physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

While most people think of burn injuries resulting from accidents such as car fires, fireworks explosions, or even hot coffee spills, the truth is, there are dozens of ways a person can be burned.  They can become a burn victim from things such as chemical accidents, electrical shortages and fires, or defective products that are flammable including things such as blankets, clothing or small or large appliances.

Through our experience in handling burn injury cases, we know that recovery times are long and costs for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, therapy, plastic surgery and more, will be extensive.  Unfortunately, for many victims, they may never fully be able to return to their previous lives, adding a significant layer of emotional trauma to what is already a tragic situation.

In all cases, the level of burns will have a big impact not only on recovery times but how much pain and suffering settlement money a victim may be entitled to.  First degree burns that only damage the outer layer of skin will be viewed quite differently than a third-degree burn that destroys skin, muscles, bones, tendons and organs, resulting in permanent damage.

Because recovery times are long, burn cases tend to take a long time to settle as well.  And while that’s the case, it does not mean that a person should delay in seeking out an attorney if they or a loved one are victims of a burn accident due to the negligence or intentional acts of another.  In fact, just the opposite holds true.

One of the keys to successfully settling a burn case involves gathering all forensic evidence.  This helps to establish responsibility beyond a reasonable doubt.  However, in some instances, forensic evidence may deteriorate rapidly, and so the documentation effort must be deliberate and as upfront as possible.  Other times, evidence may be overlooked, or otherwise disturbed to the degree that it works against establishing the level of proof that will help a client’s case.

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