Traumatic Brain Injuries

The challenges of traumatic brain injury cases

Traumatic brain injuries are perhaps the most devastating kind of injury a person can experience.  Because the brain is a vital organ, when the way it functions is altered, the impacts on a person’s body can be far reaching in a number of ways.  This is even more significant when those brain injuries are permanent.

From our experience in handling brain injury cases, we know that these types of cases require the highest levels of medical care and that the care can go on for years until a full recovery takes place, or in many instances, care can be permanent.

A traumatic brain injury is one that takes place due to some kind of an impact to a person’s head.  This might happen during a car accident, a slip and fall, during the commission of a crime, or even while playing sports.  It may or may not involve a foreign object entering the person’s skull.  Just a sharp blow of any kind can be enough to induce an injury.

We also know that each brain injury is unique and that no two people will react the same way when it comes to dealing with a traumatic brain injury.  As TBI attorneys, this means that legal cases tend to be extremely complicated when we attempt to resolve the damages through a lawsuit.  In cases where permanent damage is involved, long-term care can be extremely expensive, leading to legal battles that try to project out costs for a person that may extend decades into the future.

As an adjunct to this, we must attempt to calculate lost earnings as well, because a brain injury means that future earning power will be limited.  Because settlement awards tend to be rather large, insurance companies are also more likely to put up a greater fight as they protect their own interests.  Because of these aggressive tactics, we need to do more work on our clients’ behalf to make sure we are fully prepared to realize the full amounts that are clients are entitled to.

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