Tarzana Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bike accidents are a fact of life in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, the cost of owning a car, the desire for a healthier lifestyle, and great weather have all combined to make bicycle riding one of the most popular year-round outdoor activities.

But when you combine thousands of bike riders on city streets with millions of cars still on the road, the potential for accidents involving both are a fact of life.  Bicycle accidents oftentimes result in serious injuries and sometimes in death, despite ongoing efforts to make the activity as safe as possible.

Both cyclists and drivers are bound by laws governing the rules of the road.  These rules are augmented by another level of precautions that each person is obligated to exercise an appropriate level of care regarding themselves and others who they share the roadways with.

But as experienced cycle accident attorneys, we know all too well that this is not always the case.  We handle claims all the time to help cyclists recover monetary awards for injuries they have suffered after an accident with a car.

Bicycle accidents are similar to car accident cases in that the basis for any suit involves determining who was at fault and if they were negligent in their actions.  When we take on a case involving a bicycle accident, we look at many things in addition to driver negligence.  To make sure we have an airtight case, we will also explore if the bicycle rider was negligent in any way.  If this is the case, it will not void the possibility of a monetary award, but it could have a dramatic impact on the amount.

In addition, we look at the facts of each case to see if any violations of the California Vehicle Code have taken place.  More often than not, we can use this as the basis for a suit to recover damages as well.  Other times, we may inspect the actual bike itself, looking for possible mechanical failures which may lead us to pursue a claim against the manufacturer.  And when an accident takes place in a construction zone, we also explore the possibility that dangerous conditions were not properly noted by construction firms or government entities, leaving them exposed to a position of liability.

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