Recovering From a Back, Neck or Spinal Cord Injury

Back, neck and spinal cord injuries affect the entire body

It’s estimated that nearly half of all spinal cord injuries that take place every year are due to automobile accidents.  Falls are the next most common cause, accounting for a quarter of all spinal cord injuries, followed closely by acts of violence as the third leading cause.  Back and neck injuries are oftentimes associated with spinal injuries, with vertebrate fractures cited as the main type of back and neck injury that takes place.

While some of these accidents are truly accidents with no one at fault, in other cases, spinal, back and neck injuries are directly caused by the negligence of another party.

We have extensive experience representing victims who have suffered back, neck and spinal cord injuries.  While not all of them are devastating enough to cause paralysis, every injury of this type is serious in its own way.  Because the back and neck are the trunk of the entire body, when they are damaged, a person’s entire body is affected.

When we represent someone who has suffered a back or spinal cord injury, we seek to recover damages based on the legal premise that the defendant was negligent in their actions toward our client.  For example, if a person injures another in a car accident, and the accident was due to drunk driving, or a high rate of speed, proving negligence is a clear strategy for us to follow.

However, in some cases, we may look at other factors that contributed to the accident as well.  In some instances, we may be able to prove negligence existed due to a defective product.  In a car accident, if the air bags failed to deploy properly, or if the seat belts unbuckled at the wrong time, then we may be able to make a claim against the manufacturer of the product as well.

In cases where the injury is permanent, there is a good chance of larger compensation amounts.  This can lead to more complex legal proceedings as insurance companies attempt to limit their payouts.  A case may take years to resolve, but knowing this going in means that we are able to provide effective counseling and support for our clients over the long-term, allowing them to try and heal and resume their lives to the degree that they are able.

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