About Our Senior Partner
Michael P. Rubin

Michael P Rubin & Associates has helped many clients, throughout the country, just like you. Negotiation and resolution of problems is our philosophy. However, when negotiation fails, sometimes there is no option other than litigation. Aside from actively practicing law, Mr. Rubin authored a legal practice guide entitled "Streamlined Discovery." It was widely distributed throughout the state of California, including numerous law libraries and other attorneys.

“We won a trial and I got our dream home!”

Los Angeles Home Buyer

“I was in escrow to purchase my dream home. The seller got a better offer and tried to cancel our deal. I hired Mr. Rubin to represent me, and he sued the seller to enforce my contract, and was able to tie up the property for me to prevent the seller from selling it to anyone else. We won a trial and I got our dream home!”

“I would highly recommend calling Mr. Rubin regarding any type of real estate matter if you have one. He is extremely helpful and quick to respond to my needs. Thank you, Mr. Rubin, for all your help. :)”